Shovels and weapons are not issued: Russian conscripts are forced to dig trenches with their bare hands

The sisters of two conscripts told the Russian publication “Dozhd” about the harsh conditions in which their brothers are on the front line of the war in Ukraine. According to them, the occupiers suffered heavy losses, were not given weapons and were forced to dig trenches with their bare hands. This was also reported by Business Insider. According to the newspaper, hundreds of Russian conscripts have already died in Ukraine. The sister of a fighter named Alexander told the media that he was drafted on October 16, and on November 1 he was taken to the front line in Luhansk.

The commanders said it was meat. They were brought there for that purpose and they were all going to be killed anyway. They brought 30 people to the field and told them to dig their own trenches.”

According to the woman, there were 560 conscripts in Alexander’s unit. When the bombing stopped three days later, only 31 people remained. The fate of the others is unknown.

They didn’t have weapons or anything like that. They were given four grenades and dug the ground with their bare hands“, says Katerina Brazhnikova, the sister of another fighter.

The wives of three conscripts previously told similar stories.

When the unit commander was killed and another wounded, the soldiers left their posts. They were threatened with a military tribunal and were not allowed on the grounds of the base for security reasons. The men were left to fend for themselves without food or water. They pretended to be killed during the bombings“.

We will recall that the deceived mobilized racists once again revolted.


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