She was preparing the “surrender” of the enemy city: in Nikolaev the traitors received a long term

The special services of Ukraine continue to identify traitors who actively help the Russian aggressors.

For example, in Nikolaev, a local woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for preparing the infiltration of the Russian DRG into the city.

According to the SBU, the woman was detained during a special operation of the Ukrainian counterintelligence in May of this year.

To fulfill the task of the special services of Russia, it monitors the places of deployment of the Defense Forces, including checkpoints and fortified areas of the city. Thus, she prepared routes for a hidden breakthrough of Russian saboteurs on the territory of the area controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

In addition, the traitor sought the apartment, which the members of the enemy group were to use as their conspiratorial base to plan and prepare further sabotage.

In order to mask criminal actions, the enemy accomplice rented a house in her own name, and received the money for it from her Russian curators.

SBU officers documented a transaction in the amount of UAH 50,000 that she received from the aggressor on her own bank card.

A “contact” of the enemy accomplice turns out to be an acquaintance of hers who is in the temporarily occupied Kherson.

It was through him that the special services of Russia revealed the traitor and offered her cooperation.

During the searches, law enforcement officers found a mobile phone and computer equipment with which she was communicating with the enemy.

As “FACTS” reported, a well-known collaborator who worked for the Russian invaders was seriously injured in occupied Berdyansk.


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