She killed a classmate because of unrequited love: in Zhytomyr region, the court handed down a heavy sentence to the schoolgirl

In the Zhytomyr region, a ninth-grader was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the brutal murder of a 14-year-old boy. It seems that this high-profile case can be put to an end, but relatives and friends of the murdered boy believe that 15-year-old Katya could not have committed such a terrible crime alone.

“He was just executed”

– Judge for yourself, Danya is tall, she does sports. Well, how is he doing… He played football well, he rode a bike so that you couldn’t catch up with him. And Katya, although she is a year older, but she is also short and physically she is obviously weaker than Danka. Couldn’t she kill Danilo herself with a spirit knife without help, – told “FACTS” a friend of the murdered boy Nikita.If someone asked me for my opinion, I would say that there were several boys at the scene of the murder. Katya could lure Danilo to this unfinished house and they were already waiting there. This is my opinion. No one knows what kind of boys they are, where they are from. They were talking about a certain Kolya from a neighboring village, as if Katya had been seen with him the evening before the murder. But the police apparently checked it there and found nothing.

Danny’s mother, Aunt Olya, said that her son’s throat was cut, there was a wound in the heart area, all of his hands were cut, and there were many stab wounds on his body. Can a girl do it with a physically strong man? Moreover, Aunt Olya also said that the already dead Danya was abused. His body was stoned until he was dead and continued to be hacked. And more. There, the blood is in one place, and the body was found in a completely different place – in the basement, covered with broken bricks. He was simply executed. They were demonstratively executed. When he came to the abandoned house to meet Katya, his hands were tied with duct tape and they started killing him.

The house where the boy’s body was found

The investigation considered the version of Danilo’s friend. The fact that Katya most likely did not kill her classmate alone was discussed in several talk shows dedicated to this terrible crime. But anyway, only Katerina ended up in the dock. By the way, despite the fact that during the investigation the schoolgirl, repeatedly changing her testimony, still admitted that she killed Danilo, she did not admit her guilt in court.

“The boy’s throat was cut. Later, experts would count up to 30 stab wounds on his body.”

We will remind you that this tragedy happened on July 12 last year. 14-year-old Danilo R. did not come home in the evening, which has never happened to him before. The boy’s stepfather noted during the investigation that Danya was a very responsible child. His phone was always on, always connected, and if he got stuck somewhere, he always warned. And then in the evening he said he was going to meet a friend and disappeared.

The stepfather and mother searched for Danilo all night alone. And in the morning they contacted the police. Residents of the village of Grozine, where the student disappeared, joined in the search for him. It is noteworthy that Katya herself participated in the search for a boyfriend.

Danilo’s body was found in the basement of an abandoned building. First, dried blood was found in front of the entrance to the house, and then Danya himself. It lay strewn with broken bricks. The boy’s throat is cut. Experts later counted up to 30 wounds on his body.

The same basement where Danilo’s body was found

The suspect, or rather the suspect, was found rather quickly. Katya herself admitted that she did meet Danilo near the abandoned building, but said that she did not kill the classmate.

“It was an accident, – make sure a schoolgirl at the interrogation – Danya was standing on the step, then she wobbled and fell. When I got down to him, he was already dead. I was afraid of being accused of murder and wanted to hide the body. I dragged it a little further into the basement and covered it with bricks.”

Katya could not explain where the stab wounds on Danilo’s body came from.

All the evidence points to the fact that it was Katya who brutalized her classmate. Immediately after Danilo’s murder, she went late at night to her grandmother’s and changed her clothes there. And threw away the clothes with traces of the boy’s blood.

“Classmates say Katya was in love with Danka”

The motives for this gruesome murder remained unknown. There is a rumor in the village that there was some kind of relationship between Dana and Katya. It was as if they were dating. Danilo himself, asked by his mother and stepfather about the girl, said that he did not have a serious relationship with anyone. For example, there is a girl that he just texts with. But Dana’s friends say that Katya literally chased him.

– I don’t think they had sympathy says Danila’s friend Mikita. — I don’t even remember them talking often in the breaks. But our other classmates say that Katya was in love with Danka. And he didn’t reciprocate. Between them about half a year before what happened, as if a black cat ran. They must have quarreled about something. I don’t know why… Although no. I know, but I don’t want to say. It’s about intimacy. Someone offered something to someone, and the other did not agree. But, I repeat, these are just rumours.

Danilo’s fellow villagers only speak well of him. He studied normally and helped his mother in the household. By nature, he was quiet and calm, but at the same time he had authority among his classmates. They say the girls liked him. He was the middle child in the family – he has a younger and older sister.

They say the opposite about Katya. She wasn’t very outgoing. Maintained a relationship with only one girl in the class. She had the ability to learn. They say he draws well. But he is lazy. From a large family, she has two more brothers and two sisters.

During one of the interrogations, Katya admitted that she was preparing to kill Danny long before it happened. She chose a place familiar to both of them. He claims that they have arranged meetings in this abandoned building several times in the past. She took a penknife and tape with her to the meeting. When they met near the building, Katya, according to her, offered the boy to play a role-playing game. Danya himself stretched out his hands to tie them tightly with duct tape…

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