“Served as a scout in the Kharkiv region”: another traitor of Ukraine who fought on the side of the Russian Federation was convicted

The Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv sentenced a citizen found guilty of treason, participation in a terrorist organization and illegal armed formation. This is indicated in the Unified State Register.

It is known that Alexander Boyakov, a native of the city of Sverdlovsk (since 2016 Dovzhansk), Luhansk Region, has a 16-year-old child to support. In April 2015, while in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, he voluntarily signed a military service contract. After that, he was included in the personnel lists of the armed forces of the LPR, where he served until April 2016. A year later, he extended the contract for another three years, received the position of commander of the department, in which he served until May 2019.

On the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Rashists, the traitor arrived at the assembly point of the mobilized “LPR” and entered the 202nd Rifle Regiment of the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Fire Support Company as a unit commander. From February 24 to September 10, he performed the duties of a “reconnaissance shooter” with a weapon in his hands in various types of combat and forms of its support. Participates in shooting, provides security at checkpoints, checks documents of residents of settlements captured by the armed forces of the Russian Federation during a full-scale invasion, in order to identify servicemen of the armed forces of Ukraine. And on September 10, our fighters captured the occupier Alexander Boyakov near the village of Semenovka, Kupyan district, Kharkiv region.

Interrogated at the court session, Boyakov fully admitted his guilt. He said he did not want to serve, the police came to him and took his documents, they forced him to go to the military commissariat. For a long time, the traitor served in the city of Balaklia, where the Rashists killed and tortured civilians. In the end, the court sentenced Alexander Boyakov to 13 years of imprisonment and additional punishment in the form of confiscation of all property.

Earlier, “FACTS” reported that a resident of the Kyiv region, who betrayed members of the local self-defense to the occupiers, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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