Schedules do not work: Kyiv and the region are waiting for an emergency blackout on Friday

On Friday, November 11, emergency shutdowns will be introduced in Kyiv and the region. Stabilization boundary charts are not working.

Yasno executive director Sergey Kovalenko announced this on Facebook.

According to him, the occupiers attacked Ukraine’s energy system at night, therefore extraordinary restrictions are being introduced in the capital.

“At night there were new attacks on Ukraine’s energy facilities. In Kyiv today, emergency shutdowns are implemented in significant volumes – that is, we will not enter the schedule.”he noted.

DTEK Kyiv Electricity Networks chatbot reported that emergency shutdowns are also being implemented in Kyiv region.

“There are emergency power outages in the region. The emergency shutdown schedules that were prepared earlier have not yet come into effect.” – the message says.

Earlier, Ukrenergo announced that on November 11 there will be stabilization shutdowns in the capital, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions.

We will remind you that in Kyiv the practice of advance information about power outages has been extended to legal entities as well. Now the business will know in advance when the power will be cut.


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