Russian losses may be higher: Ukrainian journalist counts Russian dead

In the Russian press, the news about the dead Russians appears “a week” or even 2-3 weeks late. However, according to the official information of the General Staff, Ukrainian defenders have destroyed more than 75 thousand occupiers journalist from the InformNapalm community Anton Pavlushko considers the losses greater. In this, he explains, “the number of medals” helped him.

“Finally, the Russians began to issue orders for bravery with numbers over 100,000 — the first to enter the collection was order number 100,464 dated October 20, 2022. – says Anton Pavlushko. – Throughout September-October, we were moving around 90,000, and now the first six-figure awards have arrived. I remind you that almost all of the destroyed Russian cadre soldiers were awarded the “Order of Courage”. We started the war somewhere around 75. Now we have reached 100 thousand. Does this mean that “only” only 25 thousand Russians were destroyed? And what about the declared 70+ thousand Russians destroyed by the Armed Forces? In reality, everything is much more complicated. In general, the statistics from the Armed Forces are very close to reality. It is also interesting to note that this order was issued not by a numbered decree of President Putin, but on behalf of the Commander of Troop Group Center. That is, these are the consequences of Putin’s decree from 07.10.2022 on the possibility of issuing awards by orders of commanders’.

According to the journalist, the number of awards is increasing, so the president will no longer be distracted by posthumous lists.

“Stalin did the same at the height of the war – in 1941-1942 it was made easier to award orders and medals on the ground. Then this led to the fact that the officers of some units issued each other three orders of the “Red Star” and there was almost a trade in awards. But the step of the Russians is understandable. The pace of losses and battles is increasing, so it is necessary to reward quickly and heavily.”

Earlier, “FACTS” reported that hundreds of Russians were exterminated near Svatovo in the Luhansk region, and the survivors were hiding.


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