“Russian generals discuss use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine” – US

Discussions about the possible use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine have reached a new level in military circles. The US government has expressed “growing concern” about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in a war against Ukraine. John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator at the White House, said concerns have grown in recent months.

“We’re keeping an eye on him as much as we can,” — he said, as quoted by The New York Times.

The New York Times previously claimed that senior Russian military officials recently discussed when and how tactical nuclear weapons might be used in Ukraine. According to the report, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not take part in the discussions. In addition, according to the newspaper, there is no indication that a decision has been made to use a nuclear weapon.

Along with the fact that such discussions were taking place at the level of senior military leadership, the US government was worried. It shows Russian generals’ frustration with their failures in Ukraine and suggests that Putin’s veiled nuclear threats may be “more than words”.

The murderous dictator has repeatedly raised the issue of the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in recent months. Further fears are fueled by Russian accusations that Ukraine plans to use a “dirty bomb”. The West fears that the Kremlin could use this as an excuse to use nuclear weapons.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said on November 2 that preventing a military conflict between nuclear states should be a “top priority”. According to Pentagon estimates, Russia has up to 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons. Such a weapon has never been used in battle. However, according to military experts, its deployment would fundamentally change the shape of the war.

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