Russia provoked an environmental disaster at the NPP: Energoatom revealed details

The Russian occupiers provoked an environmental disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. As a result of the shutdown of the power units at the station, hot water did not enter the cooling pool of the NPP, as a result of which the water temperature dropped to +13 degrees, reports Energoatom.

According to the company, the pond is home to two types of fish – medicinal thermal water and Asian catfish, which were introduced about 25 years ago to ensure the cleanliness of the environment. The fish destroy the green algae, keeping the cooling tubes of the turbine condenser clean.

“In conditions when the temperature in winter did not fall below +18 degrees, the fish multiplied. Therefore, if the water temperature in the cooling pond does not rise in the near future, about a thousand tons of dead fish will be washed ashore.”the message says.

We remind you that the occupiers recently carried out secret work on the territory of the spent nuclear fuel repository of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Energoatom suspects that Russia was preparing an act of nuclear terrorism, as there are containers of spent nuclear fuel in the repository. The destruction of these containers as a result of detonation will lead to a radiation accident and radiation contamination of the territory.


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