Russia fired a missile with a simulated nuclear warhead over Ukraine

During the missile attack on Ukraine on November 17, when the defense forces shot down 4 cruise missiles, 2 cruise missiles and 5 Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles, one of the cruise missiles (X-55 type) had a block that acted as a simulator of a nuclear warhead.

According to Defense Express, the Russians took a missile from the nuclear arsenal, removed the nuclear warhead, placed an empty “pad” on it, and fired it over Ukraine. Journalists suggest that there may be more such missiles.
It is noted that the Russians usually strike our territory with missiles of the X-555 type – this is a “non-nuclear” modification of the X-55 missile, converted into a conventional warhead with a “classic” explosive. These rockets differ structurally. Therefore, as the publication suggests, it was impossible to load a non-nuclear warhead into a “nuclear” missile.

It is possible that in this way the Russian military carried out the order to carry out a massive strike in conditions of depletion of missile reserves to a critical level for the Kremlin.

We will recall that the massive shelling was carried out from the waters of the Black Sea and with the use of tactical aviation.

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