Retreating from Kherson, the occupiers kidnapped the patients from the psychoneurological boarding school – the police

In the Kherson region, law enforcement officers continue to register crimes committed by the occupiers.

As reported by the National Police, in just two days the policemen registered shelling of populated areas in the Berislavsky region, mass robberies, kidnapping of people, demining of territories, seizure of enterprises and forced removal of people.

Thus, during the massive shelling, a civilian’s house was destroyed, and a family was buried under the rubble. Two women died, a four-month-old boy with serious injuries is in a hospital in the city of Kriviy Rog.

From Kherson, local residents reported the settlement of Russian military and collaborators in the homes of Ukrainians, as well as the theft of water and road transport. The Berislav region reported robberies of shops, cafes and warehouses, as well as thefts of goods, refrigerators, freezers, cash registers, computers and video surveillance systems.

Police photo

“The police opened criminal proceedings regarding the forcible removal of patients and medical staff from the psychoneurological boarding house in Kherson by representatives of the occupation authorities. The location of the people is unknown. Information about arbitrary settlement of occupiers in houses of local people and abduction of people comes from Skadovsky and Genicheski districts. In the village of Novotroitsk, Russian soldiers stole three special vehicles that were used to provide first aid to the residents of the village. In the Genichesky region, representatives of the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation seized an enterprise for the cultivation of berries, nuts, other fruit trees and bushes. Previously, representatives of the occupation military-civilian administration asked the director to re-register the company with the Russian tax service within 15 days. After the rightful owner failed to comply with this requirement, the occupation authorities confiscated the enterprise and its assets by force.”the message says.

Police photo

Every day, the police register facts about victims of explosive devices left by the Russian occupiers. Yes, a mine was detonated by a villager. Lviv, Berislav region, who was released the previous day. This became known only after the deoccupation of this settlement by the relatives of the dead. According to relatives, the man was moving along a country road and came across an explosive device. Then the Russian military did not allow the relatives to take the body of the deceased. Another resident of the Berislav neighborhood blew himself up with a string while putting out a fire in a house.

Police photo

To date, the police have initiated 51 criminal proceedings under Art. 438 “Violation of the laws and customs of war” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

We will recall that recently in Kherson, during the demining of the administrative building of an enemy mine, an employee of the explosives department of the police blew himself up. He is currently in hospital.

Photo of the National Police of Ukraine


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