“Representatives of Iran deliberately help Russia in the war against Ukraine”, SBU

Criminal proceedings have been initiated in Ukraine in connection with the supply of Iranian kamikaze drones and missiles to the Russian army fighting in Ukraine.

“The investigation should identify all those involved in the delivery to the Russian Federation of the Iranian Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones, as well as the Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar short-range ballistic missiles. According to the materials of the investigation, there is every reason to claim that representatives of the Iranian government and the defense-industrial complex are deliberately helping the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine.– reported the SBU.

It is noted that the aim of the investigation is to identify by name the persons involved, the method and routes of transportation of these weapons and further bring the culprits to justice.

“Whoever helps Russia shell peaceful Ukrainian towns and villages should also bear responsibility for the war crimes committed by the Russian Federation. Because you can’t knowingly sell a maniac a sharp knife and then be surprised that he kills people. That is why Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are currently giving a legal assessment of such assistance to our enemy. Despite the attempts of the Russian Federation to disguise “Shakheda” as “Gherani”, we will prove their Iranian origin, in particular, with the help of expertise.”– noted head of SBU Vasil Malyuk.

Proceedings were initiated under Part 1 of Article 111−2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (assistance to the aggressor state). The sanction under the article provides up to 12 years of imprisonment.

We will recall that the Reuters agency reported that the agreements between Iran and Russia regarding the supply of surface-to-surface missiles were reached on October 6. That day, Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Mohbar, two high-ranking officials from Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards and a representative of the Supreme National Security Council visited Moscow.

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