“Putin’s last battle is winter,” – a Ukrainian expert

Former adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and head of the office of the President Viktor Andrusiv believes that the battle for Donetsk, Luhansk or Crimea will not be the last battle of the war. The final battle has already begun and it is for the past winter. And Putin cannot hope for a military victory after the retreat from Kherson.

“Even if you imagine he’s fooling himself all the time, you can’t fool yourself in such retreats. It is obvious that, except in Donbass, Russian troops are moving to a defensive operation. Moreover, it is still not even clear what offensive operations can apply next year, given the situation with equipment and ammunition. Therefore, Putin’s last battle is winter. He hopes to break us. No light, no heat, no communication – this should force us to negotiate on his terms. Not only the armed forces are involved in this battle. Everyone participates: civilians, women, children, pensioners – absolutely everyone who lives in the country. And this will determine the outcome of the war. Therefore, do not expect support from the state, volunteers, international organizations – organize your plan for the winter. Don’t be under any illusions that there will be light or heat, that Putin will stop, or that air defenses will shoot down 100% of the missiles.”

In this battle, Andrusiv believes, victory depends exclusively on each of us and his preparation for it.

At least we now have a good forecast for a warm winter. But you shouldn’t hope for that either.

With the first rays of spring, Putin’s last hopes evaporate along with the snow. And the only thing left for him is to accept our terms of surrender“.

We will recall that the G7 countries condemned the actions of the murderous dictator Putin: “We will not allow people to die of cold.”


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