‘Putin’s image has collapsed’: expert on the destruction of Russia

The state is a symbolic system. And Russia is already ready. The symbolic plan in the Russian Federation inadequately prevails over the economic one. The destruction of the state, complete and final, is not the destruction of the economy and the army. If the economy is destroyed and the system of symbols is preserved, that is, there is a potential for faith, then the economy, the territory and the army can be restored, he wrote about this on his Facebook page political psychologist and former adviser to the Minister of Health of Ukraine Oleg Khomyak.

“After the escape from Kharkov, the image of the Russian army collapsed. And this is an important symbol for Russia. This is the stick with which they prayed and threatened the world. Both Prigozhin and Kadyrov began openly mocking the army. After Kherson, the image of Putin as a symbol of Russia began to spread. Dugin has now practically called for Putin’s execution. In March, when I was discussing the propaganda strategy against Russia with a group of stakeholders, I talked about the importance of breaking this link between Putin and Russia. This destroys the stability of the political system. Until now, the propaganda against Russia has no meaning, except “how to avoid mobilization”. Once trust is broken, influence is possible. In a situation of faith people are invulnerable to propaganda, in a situation of doubt they are open to propaganda because they are looking for new supports. But there is still the last bastion, the last symbol. This is Russia itself. The image of an empire that brings light and fights evil, sometimes loses, but always recovers and defeats its enemies. The highest level is Russia. His embodied symbol is Putin. His weapon of revenge is the second army of the world. When the future is destroyed, faith in this symbol, as faith in the USSR once was, will die forever. And so we are at the nut that holds the life needle of Koshchii the Immortal. Both the first and the second breakthrough were provided by: the Ukrainian army, the arming of the partners, the firm position of the president and the unity of the Ukrainian people. And for the third leg, they are important. But not only.”

The political psychologist is sure that only the loss of the war will not break the symbol of Russia. She lost and was revived. It must be intellectual and spiritual destruction.

“When “Russia” will turn from a symbol into a sign of the past, and all the forces and values ​​associated with it will be symbolized in new symbols. When this faith falls among the Russians, Russia is dead. But the new symbols are important. What will happen now in these places. It is important for both Europe and the West. As long as Russia lives in their heads as a symbol, they cannot imagine a new system of post-Russian territories. Yes, the army died, but not Russia. That is why they fear the complete defeat of Russia. Because they cannot or dare not imagine anything else instead of this country. So this hack is still to come. And this holiday will be a holiday for today’s Ukraine. Because today’s Ukraine was formed in the presence of Russia: Ukrainian nationalism is secondary, as a response, a reaction to Russian imperialism. Putin has repeatedly played the role of integrator of the Ukrainian nation. The collapse of Russia is also the collapse of the current system of Ukraine. It is necessary to create something new or remain in history, like those who saved the world from a monster at the cost of their fate and went into oblivion. If Ukraine does not change, the best it can get is participation in the post-Russian process as a watchdog. It is not clear what will happen next. What will become of the Anglo-Saxons is clear.’

Earlier, “FACTS” reported that the UN General Assembly called for reparations from Russia to Ukraine.

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