Poltava region handed over so many villagers to the armed forces that they occupied a football field – Dmytro Lunin

In recent weeks, the Poltava OVA handed over 800 stoves to the Ukrainian army as well as to local communities for heating. He announced this on his Telegram channel Dmytro Lunin, head of Poltava OVA.

A harsh winter is ahead, so we are preparing to minimize possible risks and support the armed forces. At the beginning of October, the soldiers turned to the regional administration with a request to provide them with burghers. More than two dozen businesses responded to our call for help. Thanks to them!Dmytro Lunin, head of POVA, said.

They handed over burzuikas to a sports complex not far from Poltava. The heating stoves occupied the entire football field with an area of ​​more than 900 m².

The head of POVA thanked everyone who participated in this work and awarded the enterprise teams with regional awards.

The businesses of the Poltava region are true patriots, the entire region united in the name of Victory. We are still preparing another batch together“, noted Dmytro Lunin.

He added that aid to the military is a constant priority of the regional government of the Poltava region.

We steadily supply our 116th Brigade from the Ministry of Defense and local volunteer formations with everything we need. Yes, 26 housing and sanitary units, more than 1300 units of winter uniforms and shoes were recently handed over. Poltava region became a fortress. Fortifications were built hundreds of kilometers away. Our fighters are brave, trained and motivated“said the head of Poltava OVA.

Earlier, as “FACTS” wrote, Dmytro Lunin announced that the repair of the bridge over the Sula River has been resumed in the Poltava region. The bridge is important, located on the highway N-08 Mariupol — Boryspol and connects three regions of Ukraine. At the same time, according to the head of OVA, the repair of local roads in the Poltava region did not stop during the year. 350,000 m2 of road surface was restored.


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