“Plastic paintball masks and rubber boots are given to Russians mobilized at the front,” — media

As Russia struggles to recruit new recruits for the war in Ukraine, one of the mobilized soldiers from the Russian city of Stavropol shared a video that published Nexta online resource. The recruit showed off his military “kit” that he received from the administration. This is a plastic paintball mask, children’s tactical gloves, a thermos and rubber winter boots. The man said about it in a comment:

“Dear Stavropol administration, thank you for these warm gifts for the mobilized fighters (…) This is a paintball mask made of plastic. They think we’re going to walk around like those from Star Wars in this nonsense that has no meaning and no purpose. A liter thermos, a very handy thing that will really help us… But the most important thing we have are kids’ tactical gloves, they absolutely do not fit my hand and would not fit any soldier. And the best we have are boots, natural rubber boots!”

Facing a series of defeats in the war, Putin announced last month a “partial mobilization” to recruit thousands of additional troops. Mobilization was chaotic, fraudulent and violent, with cases of sending summons to the wrong people becoming more frequent. Contrary to Kremlin claims, mobilized men are often sent to the front without prior training. Recruits are primarily directed to the units that suffered the greatest losses during the war. Hundreds of thousands of Russians fled abroad to avoid conscription.

Meanwhile, funerals for mobilized soldiers have already started arriving in Russia.


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