Participated in the release of Liman: the war took another Ukrainian fighter

On November 15, Alexii Bilyk was buried in Samgorodotsk municipality in Vinnytsia region. During a regular mission on November 8 in the Kurdyumivka district of the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region, as a result of the actions of the enemy, he received a non-life-threatening wound. The fighter was 32 years old…

After completing his military service in the city of Khmelnitsky, Alexey moved to the capital, where he married and raised a young daughter. After signing a contract in 2016, he went to serve in the National Guard of Ukraine, in the 3018th unit of the rapid reaction brigade in Kyiv, from where he later went on his first combat mission in the East.— reports the “Samgorodok Nash” group on Facebook. — After a full-scale invasion, he once again stood up in defense of the integrity and sovereignty of his native land. Alexius took part in the defense of Rubizhny, Lisichansk, Severodonetsk and the liberation of Liman. His life was cut short in the Donetsk region, because fierce fighting is currently taking place there.

During the last journey, the Hero was led, laying flowers on the road from the house where his parents lived, to the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, where a memorial service was held for the Ukrainian soldier and farewell to the deceased, and to the place of eternal rest . The brave warrior was buried in the local cemetery. Alexey was awarded the Order “For Courage” 3rd degree and the “Firearms” award of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

We will remind you that the legendary intelligence officer Pavel “Volat” helps to liberate Ukraine from the racists.


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