“Parents covered their 5-year-old daughter from bullets, saving her life. They themselves died”: a painful story from Kharkiv region

An extremely beautiful girl in a pink hat gathers yellow leaves into bouquets, hugs her favorite doll, and sometimes tears are visible in her eyes. After all, her happy and joyful childhood was destroyed in an instant by Putin’s horde. Cold-blooded, without a second’s hesitation, forcing 5-year-old Polina Dyachenko from Kupyansk-Vuzlovoi, Kharkiv region, to become an adult and experience the pain of war. She is one of the few who managed to survive during the shooting of the evacuation column between the villages of Kurilovka and Pishtane on September 25. On that autumn morning, Polya and her parents were in the gazelle when rebels jumped out of the plantation and began killing civilians. Father and mother covered their daughter with their bodies and thus saved her life. They themselves died. A total of 26 people, including 13 children, became victims of the Russian army then. At the site, experts found debris from small-caliber sub-barreled weapons and weapons similar to the VOG-17 and VOG-25 used by the Russian military.

“We were driving 15 kilometers from the city when rebels appeared from a forest plantation near Kurilovka and started shooting at the cars”

Frightened Polina was pulled out of the car by a couple who were passing by. She currently lives with her grandmother, who will take care of her. And he learns anew not only to live, but also to speak…

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The girl’s father was 38 years old, working from home, Mother Olena – 37, like most, working in the railway. The couple had no children for about five years, so you can imagine their joy when they had a long -awaited child. Her father was constantly going with her, taking her to a local kindergarten, she was very attached to him, – told Facts a familiar to the family and a villager. Lyudmila Shevchenko. — Parents are very careful, caring, educated. It was a loving family that invests his soul in Polinka’s education. You would see how smart she was!

According to the interlocutor, when the full-scale invasion began, Kupyansk-Vuzlovi immediately began to fire heavily.

Olena, Vadim and Polia lived in a hostel on Gagarina Street 1. Due to Russian missiles and shells, their windows were broken and the roofs of the neighboring houses were damaged. The family spent most of the time in the basement, and then the city was occupied, so there was no way out. In mid -September, news began to be spread that local carriers were transporting civilians through Russia to EU countries, and from there they could reach Ukraine. This option was considered safer than driving through racist checkpoints in the direction of Ukraine. They took 6,000 bracelets from each.

Since it became unbearable in Kupyansk-Vuzlovo due to the shelling of the occupiers and there were no communications, and winter was ahead, the parents decided to go with their daughter to save her life. On the morning of September 25, they left, mother, father and Polya were sitting in the gazelle. We drove 15 kilometers from the city. And from the plantation near Kurilovka, where there was a church blown up by the occupiers, rioters ran from both sides. This can be confirmed by both witnesses and local residents, at that time the Ukrainian fighters were not even close! Instead, the rascals were hiding! And they fired from machine guns at this column of people, where families with children were riding in every car. The ravens couldn’t help but see it was peaceful because the windows weren’t blacked out. When those damn bullets were flying, the parents covered their daughter. Sami died and Polina survived…

“The sea of ​​corpses – people turned straight into meat … and this meat crawled for children”

Just at that moment, a married couple – Natalya and Andrii Chichenivi, who live in the village of Pishtana and are leaving the market, passes by. Seeing this hell, they jumped out and started rescuing people.

– Just imagine how they rushed to the people and how difficult it was for them to see that everything was over. In this gazelle was a pregnant woman. A sea of ​​corpses – one had no head, this one had something else, only meat… And children were crawling on this meat… Then these people heard cries and that’s how they found Polinka and two more children – 12-year-old Marina and her stepbrother – 1-year-old Mykhailik. The latter is literally taken out of hell, the child’s overalls are bloodied. Polinka immediately said that her parents are in heaven. Mom died instantly and Dad was shot in the legs and all he remembered was a large pool of blood. Not only that, when the rescuers ran with the children to the car, they continued to be fired upon. They wanted to kill the living witnesses of the war crime! Moreover, when the couple rescued the children, all the cars were still intact, only then they were deliberately burned by the enemies. I believe that Natalya and Andrii did a real feat and after our victory we should celebrate them.

For several weeks, the three rescued children lived with the Chichen couple on the administrative border with Luhansk region — first in the occupation, then in the gray zone, until then they could find their relatives.

Polina Dyachenko currently lives in Kupyansk-Vuzlovi with her paternal grandmother.

When they brought it, it was closed. Now he becomes more communicative, shows emotions. She really likes animals, especially seals. When we walk her, Pauline is happy when they approach her, they say that all the cats love her because she is a good girl.

For now, it is not possible for the child’s parents to be buried. The bodies are still in the morgue in Kharkiv, and the DNA examination is ongoing. The family is considering moving. There is also a great-grandmother, she is 84 years old, lying down.

There is only gas in the city, no water or electricity. That winter will be extremely difficult to survive.

Igor Zakharko, volunteer, founder of “Travel Extravaganza” and a military journalist She was one of the first to meet Pauline and her grandmother.

We heard about this section before the news came out. But it was extremely dangerous to go therehe told “Facts” – Then I realized that my son, who was also a journalist and traveling with the military for photos, had passed the car past this convoy and filmed this video with soldiers from the 112th Brigade. Soon I went to Buynsk-Vuzliy, where I already met Pauline. We promised to take the girl to Paris. This will be a small gift for survival …

Ludmila Pototska’s grandmother’s card number is 5168 7573 6552 4687

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Photo of Polina with Igor Zakharenko’s grandmother


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