Over 150 prisoners released by the Russians in Kherson were returned by the police to pretrial detention

166 of the approximately 457 prisoners who were released by the Russians from the Kherson detention center before fleeing the city were returned to the pre-trial detention center.

This was said by the head of the National Police Igor Klimenko on the air of the national telethon.

According to Klimenko, 166 people convicted under various articles have been returned to the investigative detention facilities in Nikolaev and Odesa regions, among them there are those sentenced to life imprisonment, about 15 of them.

The head of the National Police noted that his department, together with the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor’s Office, is cleaning up the lists of people who have been released from pre-trial detention by the occupiers.

“This information was quickly transmitted to the headquarters of the National Police, to the checkpoints, to the regional units of the police, so that in the following hours and days these people could be returned to the places of deprivation of liberty.Klimenko said.

We remind you that on the eve of November 11, the day the armed forces entered Kherson, the Kherson detention center caught fire.
According to the information of the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Enin, the Ukrainian military found files of 457 convicts in the pre-trial detention center in Kherson. They served their terms in various colonies and temporarily ended up in the pre-trial detention center in Kherson. After the escape of the Russians, the convicts were released.

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