One echelon will be enough for half a day of battle: an expert assessed the threat of ammunition supplies to Russia from North Korea

Russia has agreed to supply munitions from North Korea, which recently fired missiles at South Korea. However, Pyongyang will technically not be able to provide continuous supplies due to the technical degradation of its transportation system. He stated that military expert Alexander Kovalenko.

“The DPRK has quite a large inventory and stockpile of artillery ammunition. But the problem with their delivery lies in the fact that the only railway connection between the DPRK and Russia is the Druzhba Bridge, that is, only one logistical artery. In addition, North Korea has a problem with such a phenomenon as man-made collapse. Man-made collapse, which was a consequence of technical and technological degradation and led to the fact that, for example, the transport industry there is not in the best condition, and they will not be able to provide a round-the-clock flow of echelons that move from BC. is. It just doesn’t have that potential.”he believes

According to the expert, North Korean supplies of ammunition will not be enough for the Russians to change the situation on the battlefield.

“Let’s imagine an echelon of 10 wagons, although the first one that arrived in Russia from the DPRK consisted of only 3 wagons. But still. Such an echelon can transport a total of 500 tons of BC. Let’s take a 152mm projectile as an example. Depending on the type, they can be of different weights, 43 kg or 46 kg or more. But for easier understanding and calculation, let’s take 50 kg. That is, one such echelon is approximately 10,000 shots. To date, the Russian defense forces produce an average of 20,000 rounds per day. That is, the echelon will be chased more than 10 thousand kilometers, so that its potential will be used up in half a day?” – asks Kovalenko.

As “FACTS” wrote, Iran recently admitted for the first time that it supplied drones to Russia.


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