Not even 22nd in the world: Zelensky on the effectiveness of the Russian army

Yesterday, October 31, the Ukrainian Defense Forces shot down four more Russian helicopters: three attack Ka-52s and one Mi-8, indicating a decrease in the effectiveness of the enemy’s army.

This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky in an address after the results of the 250th day of the war.

“Already now, for every ten strikes, the terrorists must spend at least four times as many missiles. Russia has an even worse record on drones, especially those supplied by its Iranian partners. And the world sees it. He sees that the former “second army of the world” is no longer even the 22nd most effective. And we will do everything to get into the second hundred. And will be”– said the head of state.

The President thanked all Air Force Commands: “South”, “North”, “East” and “West” for their excellent work – and all parts of the Defense Forces that participate in the protection of our skies.

Most of the sites that the Russian terrorists decided to make their targets were saved. Yesterday morning, the occupiers used 55 cruise missiles for a massive attack, of which 45 were shot down.

“Russian terrorists do not have such missiles that can destroy the Ukrainian desire to live, live civilized and take care of each other. And if someone over there in the Kremlin listened to their crazy propagandists and decided that the darkness in Ukraine would help put pressure on the Ukrainians, then let them not be surprised at their losses when they see the Ukrainians conducting ‘negotiations’ in the dark.”– summed up the Ukrainian leader.

Earlier, President Zelensky said that Russia, which blocked the “grain initiative” again, is the only one to blame for the fact that now food products will become more expensive all over the world, especially the poorest countries will suffer.


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