“No protection”: it became known where and how the occupiers intend to place Iranian missiles

The Iranian ballistic missiles that Russia plans to buy from Iran are likely to be located on Ukraine’s northern border.

This was stated by the spokesperson of the Air Force at a briefing Yuri Ignat.

“We use all means of defense against these missiles. They are likely to be delivered to northern Ukraine, from where they can be launched to threaten all of Ukraine. One missile has a range of 300 km, the other 700 km. These are ballistic missiles. We have no effective defense against these missiles. It is theoretically possible to take them down, but in reality it is very difficult to do so with the means at our disposal. We have air defenses, not missile defenses. – said Ignat.

According to the military, the occupiers want to buy Iskander-M ballistic missiles from Iran, which are in service with the Iranians. The reason is that the Rashists are running out of Iskander-M and have already begun to use up their untouchable supply.

The Ukrainian Air Force cannot shoot down operational-tactical ballistic missiles “Iskander”, supersonic “Onyx”, hypersonic “Dagger”.

Another unpleasant moment was CNN’s report that Iran was preparing to send about 1,000 additional weapons to Russia, including short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and more attack drones.

The delivery is said to be closely watched as it will be the first time Iran has transferred advanced precision-guided missiles to Russia, which could give the Kremlin a significant boost on the battlefield.

According to unnamed Western officials, the latest arms shipment from Iran to Russia included about 450 drones that the Russians had already used in Ukraine. Last week, it was reported that the armed forces had shot down more than 300 Iranian drones.

It is emphasized that the new expected delivery will mark a significant increase in Iran’s support for the war effort of the aggressor country. Although the exact dates when the shipment will arrive in the Russian Federation are not known, officials believe that the weapons will certainly be delivered by the end of the year.

We recall that, according to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia may use Iranian ballistic missiles with a range of up to 700 kilometers against Ukraine as early as next month.


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