New Enemy Massive Attack: Alert Announced Across Ukraine (Online)

In Ukraine, on the morning of November 17, an air alert was declared in most regions. There are already “arrivals” in a number of regions.

10:30 in the morning Prime Minister Denis Schmihal said the new missile strikes on Ukraine were aimed at gas production

“Missiles are flying over Kyiv now. Now they are bombing our gas production, bombing our enterprises in the Dnieper, “Pivdenmash”, – he said during a speech at the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

9:50 in the morning In Dnipro, they reported an increase in the number of injured residents – there are now five, including a 15-year-old girl. The shooting took place in two districts of the city. An industrial enterprise was damaged (according to the head of the government, Denis Schmihal, it is “Pivdenmash”), there was a strong fire, noted the head of OVA.

9:40 in the morning The air defense forces shot down two missiles on the approaches to Kyiv, the regional military administration announced.

9:20 in the morning A resident of Dnieper was injured in a Russian missile attack. There were several hits in two infrastructure sites, said the deputy head of the presidential office Kirilo Tymoshenko

09:12 a.m The enemy is attacking the Odesa region, the head of the regional military administration announced Maxim Marchenko.

09:04 a.m Air defense is active in the Kyiv region, residents are urged to stay in shelters.

08:49 a.m Explosions are heard in Cherkasy.

08:30 hours The media reported explosions in the Dnieper. There are rumors on social media that there are power outages in the city.

4 explosions are known in advance. Local authorities have not yet commented on the situation.

In particular, the head of Nikolaev OVA Vitaly Kim reports the first four missiles in the air.

“4 first missiles in the air. Let’s take care of ourselves.” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the head of Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov warned of possible missile strikes in the region.

“Dear residents of Kharkiv and the region: stay in the shelters as much as possible, do not ignore the air warning signal! There is information about possible enemy missile strikes in our region” he said.

Mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamai also wrote about the high threat of strikes over the city.

“WARNING! There is a high probability of missile strikes now! Do not leave children unattended! Stay under cover!” he reports.

The mayor of Sumi addressed a similar message.

“There is an air alert. There is a threat of missile strikes! Be careful!” – they reported Alexander Lysenko.

We remind you that on November 15, Russia delivered the largest blow to the energy infrastructure of the country since the beginning of the full-scale war. On Tuesday, the enemy fired 96 cruise missiles at Ukraine, of which 75 were shot down. At the same time, some missiles, unfortunately, hit the target. In particular, the enemy hit residential buildings in the capital, as a result of which a woman died, and due to attacks on energy, many cities and villages remained partially without electricity, emergency shutdowns were introduced throughout the country.


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