Near Vinnytsia, a man killed his wife on their wedding day and threw her body into a well

A man suspected of murdering his wife was arrested in Vinnytsia. This was announced by the regional police directorate.

To hide the crime, the husband threw the body of the murdered woman into the well of his neighbors and told the children that their mother had gone to Kharkiv.

The family moved to Vinnytsia from eastern Ukraine after the war began.

The report of the disappearance of a 37-year-old woman was received by the police on October 31 by her children. They last saw their mother on October 20.

The children said that their parents got married that day and celebrated the event together in the evening. In the morning they noticed that their mother was gone. Their father told them that she went to Kharkiv to visit their apartment, and he left home after a few days.

There are six children left in the house, the oldest of whom is 18 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. The husband is the father of four children.

Police officers questioned local residents, searched forest areas, checked non-residential households and basements.

On November 3, a woman’s body was found in an abandoned well in a neighbor’s yard, where no one lives.
Operatives arrested a 46-year-old man on November 4.

The collected evidence forced the man to confess to the crime.

It has been preliminarily established that a domestic dispute arose between the spouses during the feast. During the conflict, the husband hit his wife about 10 times with his hands and feet on different parts of the body. The woman died.

In the evening, the man took the murdered woman’s body out into the yard and threw it into a neighbor’s well. To hide the traces of the crime, the perpetrator sprinkled the well with leaves and tree branches.

The man was arrested and faces up to 15 years in prison.

We will recall that in Bahmachi, Chernihiv region, a man killed his wife with a club.

And in Dnipro, the victim of a drunken man was his roommate – the man brutally beat the woman and threw a metal rod at her. The victim died from her injuries.


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