Near Kyiv, children found a downed rocket and took it to show (photo, video)

During the massive Russian attack on Ukraine on November 15, students found a downed enemy missile and took it somewhere.

Reported on this case Andriy Nebitov, Head of the State Technical University of Kyiv Region. According to him, in the midst of the shelling of the Kyiv region, the police received the following message from the head of one of the educational institutions in the Buchansk region: “Behind the school, kids found a downed rocket and are carrying it to show it off”.

The fact that children were on the street during the missile threat, as well as the fact that adults openly ignored the air warning, Nebitov called the highest degree of irresponsibility. “The fact that a child could so carelessly handle explosive objects that pose a real threat to life and health is simply shocking.”he added, urging adults to make sure children know and follow simple safety measures: during an air raid they go to a shelter, understand that if dangerous objects are found they cannot be touched, they must inform adults or they call the police.

Police also found the body of an elderly woman. The mayor of the village of Plesetske reported that on November 16 the deceased was found at the cemetery. According to Nebitov, a 69-year-old woman was near her husband’s grave at the time of the airstrike. She was mortally wounded by shrapnel from a missile.

Police photo

By the way, a few days ago a 50-year-old man died of shrapnel wounds in the hospital while trying to disassemble a tank shell. A resident of Stari Petrovtsi took an explosive device to the territory where active hostilities are taking place in the Kyiv region. In his home, the police found other dangerous finds – aerial missiles, parts of artillery shells, combat grenades, cartridges and even parts of anti-aircraft missile complex “HURRICANE”.

We will remind you that three residential buildings were damaged during the enemy attack in Kyiv. One known victim of a missile strike.

The picture is a screenshot


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