Mobilized Russians protest that they were thrown into the front without teaching them how to kill Ukrainians

Russians who don’t want to fight for Putin kill their commanders and surrender together. Unfortunately, not everyone is that smart. Two dozen such khombits (partially mobilized) ended up “in the basement” of the “LPR”. Mobilized from the Lipetsk and Bryansk region without any preparation, they were thrown into the Luhansk region of Ukraine, where they were immediately sent to the front from the location of the unit. Frightened by the mortar fire, the Russians return to their unit and find that their comrades have stolen the things they left behind. The appeal to the command yielded nothing – the weapons were taken from the “protesters” and sent “to the basement”.

They were kept in a unit for some time, after which they were transferred to the “commandant’s office” of Rubizhny, and from there to the prison in Perevalsk. They are periodically visited by “accusers”, hinting that there are two ways out of the cell – to the front or to another prison for a long time. But the mobilized refuse. Moreover, they do not refuse to fight and kill Ukrainians – they only protest the fact that they are forced to do so without proper training. And they complain that they have to live in dampness, the Telegram channel ASTRA reports.

There are 20 of them there. They did not desert, they did not leave their positions, they simply refused to return to them without command and heavy equipment“, the wife of one of those who refused emphasized in a conversation with journalists. She also didn’t mind her husband going to a foreign country to kill. I just wish it was easier for him to kill.

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