Missile attack on Poland: what response Russia is preparing for the world

On Tuesday, November 15, Russia launched a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine and Poland. American intelligence has confirmed that it was Russian missiles that crossed Polish airspace, killing two people as a result. This is reported by the AR agency. The Polish military said it was a Russian X-101 missile.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urgently convened the Committee of the Council of Ministers on National Security. The Polish government has decided to increase the combat readiness of the army.

In view of the fact that Poland is a member of NATO, Polish government spokesman Piotr Müller noted that the Polish authorities are investigating the existence of grounds for launching the procedures provided for in Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

This Article expressly provides: “The Parties shall consult each other when, in the opinion of either Party, there is a threat to the territorial integrity, political independence or security of either Party.”

After the attack on Poland, the country’s President Andrzej Duda held talks with US President Joseph Biden, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Subsequently, it became known that the Secretary General of the Alliance, at the request of Poland and on the basis of the aforementioned Article 4, decided to gather the ambassadors of the NATO member countries in Brussels on November 16 for an emergency meeting in connection with the Russian attack on Poland.

“To launch missiles on NATO territory. This is a Russian missile attack on collective security. This is a very significant escalation. We must act”Vladimir Zelensky commented on the situation.

Also in connection with the situation in Poland, an emergency coordination meeting with the leaders of the EU member states will be held on November 16 in Bali, where the G-20 meeting is taking place. This was announced by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

We remind you that on the day of the massive Russian attack on Ukraine and Poland, President Zelensky spoke at the G-20 meeting and proposed a formula for peace.


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