“Maximum mockery of people”: Zelensky called the main goal of racists

As of the evening of Saturday, November 12, the Defense Forces have established control over more than 60 settlements in the Kherson region, and in all of them stabilization measures have been initiated to restore the infrastructure, as the enemy, fleeing, destroyed all objects related to the livelihood of the residents.

This was stated by the president in an address on the occasion of the results of the 262nd day of the war Vladimir Zelensky .

“Before fleeing Kherson, the occupiers destroyed all critical infrastructure – communications, water, heat, electricity supply… Racists everywhere have the same goal – to abuse people as much as possible. But we will all recover. Trust me. Although it takes time, it is already clear to everyone that the result will be ours, the Ukrainian’s.” – said the head of state of Ukraine.

At the same time, President Zelensky is confident that all Ukrainians, despite the temporary difficulties, feel uplifted and there is hardly a person who has not watched the video of the meeting of citizens of Kherson with Ukrainian defenders.

“Months of Russian occupation, months of mockery of our people, months of talk that Russia seems to be there forever… And yet there is a sea of ​​Ukrainian flags on the streets. People did not think of giving up Ukraine. And the world sees it now. He sees what it means when Ukrainians meet theirs. He sees what the unity of Ukrainians means. And he sees why we must liberate all our land from the occupiers.” – said the Ukrainian leader.

In the future, Vladimir Zelensky is sure, we will see many more such meetings. In those towns and villages that are still under occupation.

“We will not forget anyone, we will not abandon anyone. Thanks to our defense operations and diplomacy, we will definitely go to our state border – to all sections of the internationally recognized border of Ukraine.” – assured the president of Ukraine.

We recall that earlier the president reacted to the large-scale shelling of the residential districts of Nikolaev, calling it a cynical response of the terrorist state to our successes at the front.


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