“Lukashenko loves the government very much”: the expert predicts whether a nuclear attack on Ukraine from Belarus is possible

A nuclear strike on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus is possible, but only if there is a nuclear warhead on a plane that invades the airspace of our country.

This was stated on the air of TSN by Ihar Tishkevich, an expert from the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

“If a plane flies in with a missile that has a nuclear warhead, then it can”– said Tishkevich.

At the same time, the expert emphasized that Putin will not have a full-fledged extraterritorial base with a large number of troops on the territory of Belarus. And explain why.

“Because Lukashenko loves the government very much. And give the dictator even theoretical access to a nuclear weapon, the nuclear wand that Putin now brandishes and threatens the West with? Lukashenko loves power even more, give him a nuclear baton, where will he swing it? Everywhere, including Putin. And logically, if you want to corner and influence, but you know the cornered is going to fight back, are you going to give him a big stick so he can theoretically swing at you?” – says the expert.

In addition, Tishkevich noted that there is a question about the number of Russian troops on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

“The number of Russian troops that are there today is not enough to effectively guarantee security… What if Minsk changes its mind? And suddenly DRG will come from Ukraine? Russian troops are not enough. Putin is afraid of that. Putin needs a base for deploying nuclear weapons on his own infrastructure – this is a full-fledged military base with its own warehouses, with its own security, with its own extraterritoriality, as it was in Crimea: this is the base of the Black Sea Fleet, where they could be transferred nuclear weapons and where if Ukraine does not enter”he summed up.

We recall that earlier US President Joe Biden warned Putin that the use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine would have serious consequences for Russia and urged him not to do so.

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