Legendary intelligence officer Pavel “Volat” helps liberate Ukraine from the racists

Among the soldiers of the Belarusian Terror Battalion, who were among the first to enter Kherson as part of the armed forces, is the mother of Pavel “Volat”, who stands near the beginning of the battalion (and now the regiment) named after Kastus Kalinovsky . This formation has been protecting Ukraine from the Rashists since February.

However, he notes journalist Evgenia Dolgaya, Natalia Suslova does not directly participate in battles, helps the battalion in the rear. “For me this is a touching story, I would say biblical. Natalia trained students, many of whom now work in independent journalism. And now she enters Kherson in memory of her son. The image of a mother fiercely fighting the dictatorship has not left me since 2020“, – wrote Dolgaya on Facebook.

Pavlo has been in the army since he was 18 years old. Term service — as a scout in the Belarusian special forces in 2014−15. And as early as 2016, Volat was in an assault company of the Right Sector: Pisky, Avdiivka. In 2018, contract with the armed forces: reconnaissance, sabotage, liquidation of uncontrolled territory. There was no way for him to return to the Motherland while Lukashenko “reigned” there.

Photo from the Facebook page of the Kalinov regiment: During the six years of the war in Ukraine, Volat left the “front” only three times – when he was seriously wounded

The commander of the reconnaissance company of Kalinovsky’s battalion, Pavlo “Volat” (the Ukrainian call-sign translates as “Giant”) died in May – during the liberation of one of the Ukrainian villages in the southern part of Ukraine, he was mortally wounded. The soldier died on the way to the hospital. “Volat was a true legendary soldier: repeatedly wounded, each time Pavlo cheated death and returned to the ranks“, the battalion announced at the time. Soon after, the battalion was reformatted into a regiment. One of its battalions was named after Pavel – “Giant”. In August, by decision of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Volat was posthumously awarded the “Ukraine Above All” award. The son’s award was presented to Natalia Suslovia.

Natalya is an associate professor at Francisk Skorina State University in Gomel, a candidate of philological sciences (she completed postgraduate studies and defended her thesis at Moscow Lomonosov University). She spent most of her life studying and teaching Soviet-era Russian literature. But at heart she has long been a Belarusian nationalist. Therefore, she actively participated in peaceful protests, was detained by the police and was arrested for several days. Among her former students is Sergey Tikhanovsky. And after coming to Ukraine, she followed her son’s path – enrolled in the regiment in which he fought.

The Battalion “Terror” (named after Dmytro Apanasovich, whose call sign was “Terror”) recently separated from the regiment into an independent combat unit within the Armed Forces.

As “FACTS” previously reported, the commander of the Belarusian “Volat” battalion Ivan “Brest” Marchuk died in the battles near Lisichansk, and three of his comrades disappeared: Vasil “Syabr” Porfenkov, Vasil “Atam” Grudovik and Vadim “Papik” Shatrov . Two more soldiers – Jan “Trombley” Dyurbeyko and Sergey “Klishta” Degtev – were captured by the occupiers.

The photo in the header is from Evgenia Dolgoi’s Facebook page


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