KMDA Environment and Natural Resources Department searches: media revealed details

This week, the KMDA official and her colleagues were again wanted and suspected of committing a crime related to obtaining an illegal benefit for the issuance of permits for the emission of pollutants into the ambient air from stationary sources. This is written by Green Post, citing a source in the General Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the publication, the deputy head of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the KMDA Marina Tishchenkova and her colleagues were searched.

“The pre-trial investigation is carried out by the Main Investigative Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine under the operational support of the Department for ensuring the activities related to hazardous materials, under the procedural guidance of the General Prosecutor’s Office. – the message says.

As the publication writes, Tishchenkova received a record number of protocols for committing a number of administrative violations related to corruption in the field of ecology during her work at the Ministry of the Environment.

“Then, during the pandemic, thanks to the actions of this official, the work of more than 50 Ukrainian enterprises was blocked, which, instead of working and replenishing the country’s budget at a very difficult economic moment for the state, were forced to idle due to unjustified refusals to issuing conclusions from the Environmental Impact Assessment”, GreenPost reported.

As GreenPost writes, in 2021 the court found Marina Tischenkova guilty of committing an administrative offense related to corruption, but this did not lead to her removal from office or other harsher sanctions: “Over time, she changed her place of work from the Ministry of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the city of Kyiv, and actually managed the same areas in her new position, namely the issuance of permits for emissions of pollutants into the air and conclusions of ATS. “

It is recalled that law enforcement officials reported the raids to the KMDA’s Department of Ecology and Natural Resources in early September. As the head of the department Alexander Vozniy explained at the time, during the searches the investigators are interested in physical evidence within the framework of criminal proceedings, which refers in particular to the abuse of official position by employees of the department.


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