“Kirochka was crying, and black smoke was coming out of the corner of the room”: a sixth grader saved his 2-year-old sister from the fire

In Poltava, 11-year-old Alexander Demyanenko saved his 2-year-old sister Kira from the fire. A fire broke out in the morning in an apartment in a block of flats. In minutes, the fire engulfed the entire house, and only the children were home. Without getting confused, Sashko quickly led his sister outside. That day, Vladimir Salogub, head of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Poltava region, honored the boy by presenting him with a certificate and a tablet. How a sixth grader from local school #20 saved himself and little Kira by doing the right thing, read.

— On this October morning, husband Yuri went to the hospital because he had certain health problems, – told “FACTAM” the children’s mother, Victoria Demyanenko. — I excused myself from work and stayed home with the kids. When Yuri got out of the taxi and said he would come in 5-7 minutes, I got dressed and left the apartment for work. The son had an online lesson and the daughter was watching cartoons on TV. When she got to work, her son Alexander called and said there was a fire. I asked to take Kira and run outside. She immediately called the rescuers. In the entrance, the children met dad, he tried to enter the apartment engulfed in flames to get something valuable, but there was already a lot of smoke. Neighbors could not even open their apartment doors, so they had to sit at home with wet rags on their faces.

I also ran to comfort my son and daughter. Alexander said he heard his sister crying, turned around – smoke was coming out of the corner. He first led Kirochka into the corridor, and then led him out into the street. The daughter was very scared. She became stressed and for the first time did not sleep well. Therefore, we plan to show her to the doctors, because it is not known how everything will affect her future well-being.

Sashko shows where the smoke came from

– Alexander was not embarrassed and took his little sister out of the fire. Have you discussed with him in advance the algorithm of actions in case of fires?

– They were repeatedly told about this at school. And we had conversations about candles and matches. I am also sure that the cause of the fire was definitely not children’s mischief, we lit the stove with an electric lighter. The preliminary conclusion of the rescuers is a short circuit. The son knew that you can’t pour water on electricity, so in the first minutes of the fire, he poured it from a kettle on the carpet and sofa, but he couldn’t control the fire, because these are flammable things. I think that Sasha acted very sensibly and was not mistaken, because even the neighbors later said that due to stress they immediately rushed to collect water in buckets, although there was a fire extinguisher on the balcony.

Vladimir Salogub, head of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Poltava region, hands the boy a certificate and a tablet

– The son is probably a very caring brother?

“Too much, he adores his sister to the point of madness, he goes out with her all the time.” Do you know the first thing my son said when we met? That he is sad because there is nothing he can do to put out the fire. But I objected to him because he did the most important thing – he saved his sister. Everything else we will win.

– What is happening with the apartment now? Is it possible to recover?

– It’s a one-room apartment and we rented it for a long time. The bathtub, the toilet, the sink survived… And also the fish that I recently gave to my husband for his birthday. When after everything was extinguished I went inside, I fell into a stupor. I didn’t know where to go, where to start. She looked at the blackness through the sooty aquarium – and there, between the stones, fish were swimming. So I took a pasta colander and started to drain them out of it, grabbing them with my hands. Perhaps this is a sure sign that life continues, because if the fish survived at such a temperature, it is a real miracle. They are temporarily living with my colleague, I believe we will get them home soon.

Of the documents, only birth certificates have survived. Everything burnt has been taken out. They knocked down the walls brick by brick, wiped everything of soot. New wiring has been done, the walls have been plastered. Double glazed windows were installed the other day. For this, I thank the caring people, the relatives, where we live at the moment.

The children’s mother, Viktoria Demyanenko, says that her son already wants to become a lifeguard

“After what he’s been through, surely Sasha wants to be a savior?”

– When they were awarding my son, we walked past the honor board and he said, “Mom, if I’m a lifeguard, my picture will be here too!” Therefore, it is quite possible that the child has chosen a profession. The son doesn’t consider himself a hero, says he did what he had to do.

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Photo of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Poltava Region


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