“Just destroy the Russian occupiers”: in Vinnytsia they said goodbye to the hero

On October 28, during the execution of combat tasks in the Donetsk region, where the attacks of the enemy do not stop, a soldier, Alexander Bochevarov, died. He was only 36 years old…

“The fighter is a resident of the city of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region. Alexander came to our community with his mother Taisia, wife Hannah, daughters Ksenia (12 years old) and Victoria (4 years old) on March 29, when his hometown was occupied by hated enemies and it was dangerous for patriots to stay there. At first they settled in Ilyashivka, and when Alexander was already serving in the armed forces, his family moved to Trostyanets in July. The hero spent his entire short but bright life in the seaside town of Berdyansk. Here he graduates from school, studies at a pedagogical university, works, raises children, makes plans that are not destined to come true, — reported by the territorial community of Trostyanets. — On May 9, he was called up for military service. After a short period of training in military crafts at the training ground, he was sent to one of the combat units located in the Donetsk region. Fierce battles are being fought for every piece of Ukrainian territory.”

It is known that Alexander Bochevarov bravely fought against the invaders, mercilessly destroyed the enemies, because he was a senior mortarman of the mortar platoon of the mortar battery. Unfortunately, his life was cut short in one of the battles. They buried the soldier in Trostyanka in Vinnytsia.

The soldier was buried in Trostyanka, Vinnytsia region

Relatives of the deceased handed over the Ukrainian flag to the soldier’s wife at the cemetery

The defender’s body was met by residents of the neighborhood on their knees in a residential corridor. The road was thickly covered with flowers and sincerely wept for a stranger, but such a born warrior. Relatives of the deceased handed over the Ukrainian flag to the soldier’s wife at the cemetery.

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