In the Lviv region, a former regional company is building a bread factory, despite the lack of a permit to carry out construction works – People’s Deputy.

In the Lviv Region, the former MP from the “Party of the Regions” Volodymyr Misyk is building the bakery complex “Kulinichi” without a building permit. It was reported People’s Deputy Mihailo Bondar on your Facebook page.

“In the Lviv region, the bakery complex “Kulinichi” of Vladimir Misik, a former regionalist who voted for dictatorial laws and financed the churches of the UOC MP, is being built without permission! To DIAM (State Inspection of Architecture and Town Planning). author.) there was not even an application for the issuance of a construction permit, it is not even in the register of construction activities.” Mihailo Bondar writes.

The MP cited DIAM’s response to his complaint regarding the legality of the construction. Also, the people’s deputy says that he received a response to his complaint on this matter to the Lviv OVA – the letter was forwarded to the village council of Obroshin, on whose territory the Mysyka bakery is being built.

“It turns out that the business, which belongs to the former regional button coder, continues to work on the same “distribution” as during Yanukovych’s time. And it seems that, as in Yanukovych’s time, this business has a solid patron who allows it to ignore all laws and regulations.” Mihailo Bondar notes.

The People’s Deputy also asked the head of Lviv OVA Kozytskyi if he knew about the lack of construction documents when he and Mysyk participated in the opening ceremonies.

“Well, let’s sort it out and remind all parts of this corrupt chain that times have changed. Spitting in the face of Ukraine and Ukrainians will no longer work, and “golden bread” will not help here. The question is only for the head of OVA Kozytskyi: was it known about the lack of a building permit during all the solemn events on the occasion of the start of this construction with the participation of the head of the region? – writes Bondar.

As previously reported, former MP Oleksandr Chernenko said the Russians are planning attacks on Ukraine’s food security through their businesses on its territory. In particular, in the Lviv region, the monopolist of the bakery industry – the Kulinichi group of companies, former regional of Volodymyr Misik, can be used for this purpose.


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