In Terekhov, MAF owners are obliged to pay rent even for those pavilions that were destroyed by enemy shelling

Kharkiv city authorities require owners of small architectural forms (MAFs) in Kharkiv, even those who were unable to work during the war and those whose MAFs were destroyed by enemy fire, to pay full rent at pre-war rates. “Dumka” writes about this, referring to the words of several Kharkiv entrepreneurs.

According to representatives of small businesses, KP Modern Misto, under the control of the city administration, continued to charge rent to all owners of pavilions, summer cafes and other commercial establishments for the entire 8 months of the war according to the contracts concluded even before the war.

Entrepreneurs are currently receiving payments in the tens of thousands of hryvnias, even those whose MAFs were destroyed along with their goods as a result of Russian shelling.

Business representatives note that they demand full payment of the rent for all the months of the war from the KP “Modern City”, without taking into account that due to the hostilities, business activity in Kharkiv has decreased many times, due to constant shelling and the departure of people, there was no opportunity to work for a long time. Those who cannot pay are threatened with the demolition of the MAZHs.

The entrepreneurs note that the executive committee of the Kharkiv City Council, which manages the Suchasne Misto KP, is also not ready to make contact with business representatives and does not take into account the force majeure circumstances in which the owners of MAF found themselves. The executive committee doesn’t even try to respond to business.

We remind you that before the full-scale Russian invasion, there were about 4,000 pavilions in Kharkiv, approximately 3,500 of which signed contracts with KP “Modern City”. About 20 million hryvnias annually come to the city budget from this area.


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