“In Russia, not a single general or official has made any claims to Putin about the war with Ukraine,” – Gennady Gudkov

At the moment in Russia, we do not see a serious public rejection of the authorities: now not a single general, not a single official has made any claims to Putin about the absolutely insane and criminal plan to start a war against Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by the Russian oppositionist, retired FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov in an exclusive interview for “FACTS”.

Analyzing the resignation of the commander of the occupation group “Center” of Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, Gennady Gudkov suggests that in this way Putin is preparing society for the “Deed of the Generals”. However, they misled you, whether they were a promise, false information, showed unprofessionalism, etc.

– That is, Putin should prepare retreats, they say, it was not he who led the country to a completely senseless, stupid, cruel and bloody war, but some generals who convinced him to start hostilities. In my opinion, the moral and psychological preparation of society for the “Generali Case” has begun – Gennady Khudkov is confident.

But the oppositionist does not particularly believe in the possibility of a revolt among the generals. Because today they will be slaughtered: to the abyss, yes to the abyss, to prison, yes to prison, to pension, yes to pension.

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