In response to nuclear attack, US and NATO will destroy all Russian troops in Ukraine, ex-CIA chief says

Russian President Vladimir Putin now faces an “irreversible” quagmire amid the retreat of the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine. He announced this on Sunday retired mr Army General and former CIA chief David PetraeusABC reports.

According to him, Putin is “losing” despite “significant” but “desperate” actions in the war that began at the end of February.

“President Zelensky and Ukraine mobilized much better than Russia. Ukraine recruited, trained, equipped, organized and used forces incomparably better than Russia.Petraeus says.

He is sure that “no annexations, no even veiled nuclear threats will be able to get him out of this situation”.

Petraeus is sure that Russia cannot win a war against Ukraine.

“They can not. He [Путін] can’t do anything now”– he said.

“He will continue to lose on the battlefield” Petraeus said of Putin, pointing to the recent escape of Russians from Liman.

“It could still get worse for Putin and for Russia. And even using tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield won’t change anything.”the former CIA chief said.

However, Petraeus said the nuclear threat should be taken “seriously”. He added that in response to the use of such weapons, the US and its NATO allies would “destroy all conventional Russian forces that we can see and identify on the battlefield” in Ukraine and ships in the Black Sea.

As “FACTS” wrote, earlier a military expert told which regions the enemy could hit with a nuclear weapon.


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