In Irpen, the court delays the consideration of the civil inheritance case for a third year: the media discovered a connection with Maiman

The Irpin City Court of the Kyiv Region, presided over by Judge Yulia Kravchuk, again postponed consideration of the civil inheritance case. This became known from the register of court cases, writes “RBK-Ukraine”.

As you know, the accomplices of Mihailo “Moni” Maiman, who was repeatedly detained by law enforcement officers, are on trial with Inna Hetmanczyk“, – writes “RBK-Ukraine”, emphasizing that the goal is to take possession of the property she inherited after her husband’s death.

The publication notes that the case has been pending for the third year and is constantly delayed.

The head of this case is Judge Yulia Kravchuk, appointed to the post in 2020, and previously worked as an assistant judge at the Kyiv Court of Appeal“, – writes RBC-Ukraine, noting that Inna Hetmanchyk cannot receive an inheritance for the third year already due to delays in the courts.

So, on November 1, Inna Hetmanchik was informed through a court official that the case was adjourned for 4 months, namely until February 27, 2023.

Due to the constant postponements and delays of the case, Inna Hetmanchik was forced to turn to human rights and public organizations for help, which organized a protest in front of the Irpin City Court“, – writes “RBK-Ukraine”.

We remind you that on October 26, another case, very similar to the present one, is being heard in the capital’s Darnitsa court. Svetlana Heller, who, according to Inna Hetmanchik, is a member of the group headed by the “veteran” Mykhailo Maiman (Pomogaibo), illegally transferred part of the house that belonged to Inna Hetmanchik’s late husband to a dummy (Mykhailo Maiman’s brother – Bogdan Pomogaibo). The court’s decision on the case is currently awaited.

Mykhailo Maiman became famous after serving in the “Archangel Michael” battalion, in which he is said to have participated in the battle for Kyiv. To date, it is known that the battalion is not a part of the TRO and its fighters do not have the right to carry weapons.


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