“Idols” have no place in Ukraine: in Kharkiv they dismantled a monument to Pushkin, and in Uzhhorod – a monument to the “liberators” soldiers

In Kharkiv, which is regularly shelled by the invaders, a bust of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin has been dismantled. Its future fate will be decided by the townspeople after Ukraine’s victory in the war.

This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Kharkiv City Council.

“This monument, and perhaps others, must be preserved and their further fate democratically, but already in peacetime, the people of Kharkiv will decide. – add from the town hall.

The press service noted that the decision to dismantle was made due to the fact that Kharkiv is one of the cities most affected by the war. The city council understands the feelings of citizens who do not want to see Russian toponyms in their city.

“As one of the options for such a rethinking, the bust of Pushkin could become part of the exposition dedicated to the Ukrainian national liberation movement, since more than a hundred years ago, even before the revolution of 1917, it would have been demolished by activists of this movement,” — the message said.

Another dismantling took place on the other side of the country – in Transcarpathia, the monument “Ukraine – liberators” near the Ukrainian-Slovak border was removed from its pedestal.

This was announced by the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration on Facebook.

An empty pedestal
A fallen monument

“The monument to the ‘liberators’ in Uzhhorod next to the Ukrainian-Slovak border… ALL of them!” — the message says.

Head of Transcarpathia OV Victor Nikita informs that a monument in honor of the Transcarpathian stormtroopers of the 128th brigade may appear on the site of the Soviet monument.

“The OVA profile department has already been tasked with gathering a group of experts, civil society representatives, military families and others to develop a concept. Nikita noted.

We remind you that Ukraine took the course of decommunization and de-Russification. In connection with this, they began to massively tear down the monument to Lenin, as well as to rename settlements and streets. In Dnieper, they changed the names of more than three dozen streets and alleys that were connected to Russia, and in Kyiv, three stations were renamed at once, and the Arch of Friendship of Peoples was decommunized, turning it into the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People. In turn, in Ternopil, from the third attempt, they sold a dismantled monument to Soviet pilots and with the proceeds bought drones for the Armed Forces.


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