I went to a concert in Kobzon: a former police officer from Russia, convicted of murder, died in Ukraine

As reported by the racist edition “Bryansky Novyni”, the former local policeman Denis Terekhov, who was previously convicted of murder, died in Ukraine. According to the available information, the former policeman, instead of chopping wood and bending his back in front of machines, signed up as a volunteer, he was given such an opportunity a few months ago and was released from prison. He already had the experience of participating in military operations. Now came the news that he had died. Relatives of the former policeman went to Voronezh to identify the body.

The killer cop was eliminated by the Armed Forces

According to Russian media, on August 13, 2019, in the village of Lokot, a drunken deputy chief of the Brasov Police Department, Denis Terekhov, beat up 17-year-old Ivan Vakhrushin. The teenager fell into a coma, underwent complex operations, but died on August 31 without regaining consciousness.

Law enforcement officer Denis Terekhov was released the day after the tragedy. He was accused of the death of Ivan Vakhrushin, as well as inflicting beatings and other acts of violence that caused physical pain to two other victims on hooligan motives. At the investigation and in court, Terekhov pleaded not guilty to causing the young man’s death. The District Court in Brasov sentenced him to 13 years and 6 months of imprisonment in a high-security prison. In favor of the parents of the deceased teenager, compensation for moral damages in the amount of 1.5 million rubles was collected from the former policeman, and in favor of each of the other victims – 50 thousand rubles each. In addition, the killer was deprived of the rank of “police major”.

We recall Roman Tsimbalyuk’s interview for “FACTS”: “The word “Kherson” will be banned in Russian politics for a long time. “H…r” can be said, “sleep” too, but not at the same time.


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