“I am sure that very soon the Ukrainian flag will be flying over Kherson”, – Vitaly Kim

A few hours before the official notification of the beginning of the withdrawal of occupation troops from Kherson Vitaly Kim, head of the military administration of Nikolaev predicted the liberation of the city.

– We look forward to this, Vitaly Kim said in an interview with Inna Zolotukhiniy. – The situation in Nikolaev is difficult, but under control. Today is the third air alert, but good thing there are no flights.

— How many people did the region lose during the 9 months of the war?

— We have 1,470 victims, of which 459 adults and 11 children died.

— How do you manage to maintain order in the city and the region?

– It is difficult, but it is possible. In the region, the main role is played by the heads of the RDA, in the city – the mayor’s team. Everyone tries to keep order. There is only technical water in the city. We always deliver drinks. And we are waiting for our armed forces to recapture Kherson from the enemy and restore the drinking water pipeline to Nikolaev. There is electricity and gas in the town. But 28,000 subscribers, which is about 5% of all users, have been disconnected in the occupied areas and in the war zone.

— To what extent is humanitarian aid provided to the Nikolaev region?

– Not deprived. Foreign partners, the office of the president, the office of ministers help us significantly. Also, the District Humanitarian Headquarters formed a strategic reserve for the winter. In addition, there are 7 volunteer headquarters that help people. Of course, the flow of aid has decreased significantly, people are tired, but for now we have enough and we are grateful for what we have.

— At this moment, all of Ukraine is waiting for the liberation of Kherson…

“We have been waiting the most since the first day of the deoccupation of the neighboring city.” I am sure that very soon the Ukrainian flag will fly over Kherson. It will last until the new year at the latest.

— Today, all Russian propagandists work in the Kherson direction. What are they preparing for?

— I can express my subjective vision: they will shoot a fake film about how Kherson protects the civilian population, while disguising their combat-ready forces in civilian clothes, inhabiting civilian houses with them. And the mobilized locals are forced to dig trenches. They will restrain our troops with manpower.

– Are there fences?

– I will tell you more, there are several levels of these barricades: barricades for barricades. Because in the 9th month of the war, most Russian soldiers have the question: what are we fighting for and why are we being maimed? And although they already behave politely in captivity, we must remember: the prisoner is the same inhabitant in which something goes wrong.

“Should we expect the situation to worsen and new attacks in the next month?”

— The shelling will be precisely on critical infrastructure to induce us to negotiate. And along the entire front line, we will have an escalation with a vector through Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

— Do you believe in the liberation of Crimea?

– I am sure. It’s a matter of time.

— Kirilo Budanov even names specific terms…

– He’s rarely wrong, so I’m sure it will be.

– How do you get rid of stress?

– I try not to accumulate it! But the main thing is my family, friends, sports – I play volleyball. I have two more bikes, I’m serious about enduro. But now I do not go, for they roar loudly, like the sound of the “martyrs.”

“Really on the front line and maintaining the defense of a peaceful city, what would you say to the Ukrainians?”

– Somehow we are used to war here, although it is terrible to lose people. And the center and the western part of Ukraine seem to have forgotten that the country is at war. So I would like to advise you not to forget that the war is going on and there are boys dying ahead. Therefore, everyone must do something in their place to bring our common Victory closer.

We remind you that at the end of October, Vitaly Kim commented on the evacuation of civilians from occupied Kherson by riot police.

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