“Hot morning” for traitors: In Melitopol they blew up an associate – “head of sports”

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, where the Ukrainian partisans operate, the so-called “deputy minister of sports of the region” was blown up. The explosion echoed in the entrance of the house where the associate lived.

This was announced by the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov in Telegram.

“The morning started loud and hot for another associate in Melitopol. According to preliminary information, the explosion took place in the entrance of the high-rise block where the head of the sports sphere, Andriy Boyko, lived. The fate of the traitor is not yet known. We await news from the resistance forces.” Fedorov wrote.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces Stratcom reported that the explosion had gone off directly in the traitor’s apartment.

“According to preliminary information, an associate was blown up in Melitopol. The explosion took place in the apartment where Andrii Boyko lives. – the message says.

Boyka’s apartment is located on the first floor

Russian propaganda media also confirmed the incident.

“The explosive device was planted in the drain near the visor at the entrance to the house where the official lives,” — Russian media reported.

There they reported that the employee was alive but “slightly injured”. And the so-called police are already threatening to take revenge for Boyko.

We remind you, a day ago it became known about the death of Kiril Stremousov, who was appointed by the Kremlin as “deputy head of the regional administration” of the Kherson region, in a road accident.


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