Hello Prigozhin: there was information about the destruction of the leadership of the Wagnerites in Donbass

Recently, the Ukrainian special forces announced the liquidation of Wagner, the deputy chief of staff of the PMC Prigozhin, and now there is information about targeted strikes by the Defense Forces on the command post in Vanerov and the house where the militants lived.

According to the information journalist Andriy Tsaplienko, this happened on the night of October 10 in Kadiivka (Stakhanov). However, there is no official confirmation of this so far.

“On the night of October 10, four HIMARS arrived. It is reported from the occupied territory that 4 of Prigozhin’s closest associates and 7 Wagnerites were killed by their deputies. That is, a total of 11 key persons from the management team of PMC Wagner. People in Stakhanov saw how their bodies were taken away by a whole convoy of closed cars, most likely a separate vehicle was allocated for each person who died.writes the journalist and adds that the occupiers, in order to cover up their losses, advertise the special information operation “Ukrainians fire on civilians in Stakhanov”.

This is far from the first strike by the armed forces of the Soviet Union against the Wagnerites in Kadiivka. In September, the barracks in the local Palace of Culture were demolished.

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