“Heinous strikes on critical sites”: Zelensky named the number of missiles fired by terrorists in Ukraine

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, Russian forces fired a total of 36 missiles at Ukraine, most of which were shot down.

This is what the president wrote in his Telegram Vladimir Zelensky.

“The aggressor continues to terrorize our country. From the night, the enemy launched a massive attack: 36 rockets, most of which were shot down. Thanks to all the air defense services for the work. To all the energy and services currently working at the sites of the impact and rebuilding our infrastructure. You are our heroes” Zelensky noted.

He also added that “vile attacks against critical sites” are a characteristic tactic of terrorists.

“The world can and must stop this terror,” he added.

As of 12:30 p.m., it was reported that 33 missiles were fired at Ukraine, 18 of which were shot down. Among them, the Ukrainian air defense shot down five Kalibr cruise missiles. They were released from the Black Sea.

In particular, the western areas were affected. As a result, Rivne is still partially without power, and the damaged facility in Lutsk cannot be restored.

Currently, fragments of two enemy X-101/555 missiles shot down on the approach to the capital have been found and identified only near Kyiv.


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