He worked for a “Gauliter” from the Kharkiv region: the SBU revealed another priest-collaborator

They exposed in Ukraine yet another enemy cadre in overalls who cooperated with the occupiers and justified Russian aggression in his sermons.

According to the SBU, he turned out to be the abbot of one of the UOC temples of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Kharkiv region.

“During the temporary occupation of Kupyansk Okoliya, he called on the local religious community to support the invaders, and in his “sermons” he justified the crimes of the aggressor. In addition, he assisted in every way to spread the occupation regime in the occupied part of the region and for this purpose he personally contacted the local Gauleiter Vitaly Ganchev. It was with him that the representative of the UOC MP coordinated his actions regarding the use of the church to attract citizens to the ranks of the enemy and discredit the Defense Forces of Ukraine.the message says.

SBU photo

A parishioner from one of the local villages helped the “father” spread pro-Kremlin propaganda.

During the liberation of Kharkiv region, the two fled to Russia, where they tried to escape justice. Both wanted suspects have been notified.

We will recall that in Vinnytsia the Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarchate was notified of the suspicion. In his sermons he offended the feelings of the faithful and incited religious enmity.

SBU photo


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