He returned from the Czech Republic to defend the country: ATO veteran died in battle

On November 4, Ivan Burkovski from Vinnytsia died in a battle near the town of Liman in the Donetsk region, where the occupiers did not stop their offensive and suffered significant losses. Before that, he was already protecting our land from enemies, and after demobilization he was engaged in beekeeping, selling honey products. When the full-scale invasion began, the man was working in the Czech Republic but returned to defend his homeland.

“In 2017, Ivan was called to serve in the ATO, – told about his deceased Comrade Sergey Maryanchuk. — After completing his service, he became a professional and talented beekeeper. Master Ivan’s honey products were known throughout Vinnytsia and Ukraine. His fiancee Irina helped him in the honey business.

When Putin’s troops attacked, Vanya was working in the Czech Republic, Irina was in Vinnytsia and could not leave with her son to live with her mother in Israel, she was waiting for her lover. The woman and her child were in the basement with Vani’s mother because of the shelling of the occupiers. After returning from the Czech Republic on March 1, Ivan went to defend Ukraine in his 95th Airborne Assault Brigade, ordering Irina and her son to go to their mother in Israel. However, it was very difficult for her emotionally in the Holy Land…

After two concussions, Van lost his speech, he was hospitalized in Dnipro, so he only wrote text messages to his Irina. His beloved felt in her soul and heart that Ivan was in trouble. After a few days, she arrived from Israel and was already in the ward of her favorite hero. After many severe treatments in Vinnytsia, Vanya recovered a little, but had memory problems. After the promised wedding with Irina in the fall, Vanya wanted to go to defend Ukraine again. But they partly informed him that he was ordered”.

After two serious injuries, Ivan was deployed, but returned to the front with his comrades

But Ivan, compatriots say, managed to show the spirit of the Ukrainian people and still returned to his comrades in arms, who fiercely destroyed the racists. But on November 4, he died bravely in battle… On November 8, the hero was buried in his native Vinnytsia with military honors.

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