He did not wait for the birth of his daughter: the war took the life of a soldier from the Donetsk region

Vitaly Kirkach-Antonenko lived in Slavyansk, made amulets with his wife. A soldier who went to war as a volunteer died on November 9 in the Svativ region, leaving behind a pregnant wife.

We met in April 2009, when a group of young nationalists who wanted to take their public activism to the next political level gathered in Donetsk in a square opposite the Donbass Palace. We did not have any doubts with which political force to connect our further political activity, our choice was VO “Freedom”. I remember how in the same May 2009, I, Vitalik and several other guys went to Kyiv for the first time for our first party congress. Then there was a change in the leadership of the Donetsk city organization, during which we, these young 18-25-year-old guys, got the opportunity to direct the development of our organization in the direction in which it was developing until the very occupation of Donetsk in 2014. In those days, so important for us young romantics, Vitalik was one of the key people who determined the direction of movement of our young organization, – his friend dedicated a post to the deceased Artur Shevtsov. — Then there were many other events. After his return to Slavyansk, we began to communicate significantly less, meeting mainly at party events at the regional or all-Ukrainian level. But when they saw each other, they were always glad to see each other. I remember how in 2012 Vitaly gave me one of the talismans he made, namely the Black Sun. With this amulet around my neck, I went through all the turbulent revolutionary events of 2013-2014, and then through the difficult spring of 2014. I still have the impression that thanks to this talisman I managed to get through all these events intact and unscathed . The last time Vitalik and I saw each other was a long time ago, sometime in 2015 or 2016 in Slavyansk. It’s a shame that we haven’t communicated much in person in recent years, although we actively follow each other on social media.”

According to the Ukrainian journalist Konstantin Melnikovthe first impression that remained with Vitaly was that of an eccentric.

A year ago, we filmed a story about a boy who lives in Slavyansk and dreams of flying to the moon. It was crazy. But the acquaintance changed everything. Vitaly dreamed of popularizing science in his hometown. So people in Slavyansk were interested not only in everyday things, but also in what the world lives on. He surprised with a purely Ukrainian and atypical for local people view of life. After the full-scale invasion, on February 24, when the whole world learned what the front line of Slavyansk was, Vitaly did not stand aside. theroborone. During short meetings over coffee, he talked about the militiamen he admired, about the defense of Svyatogorsk, about life and everyday life during the war. On the last date, he insisted on a selfie.

you are gone In battle In Luhansk region. And there is a photo… And your Natalka, who called you a “modest genius”, is carrying a baby under her heart

Private card for assistance to the soldier’s wife Natalia Kirkach-Antonenko — 5168 7554 7255 6121

We will remind you that patriotic values ​​are being killed in Buch: the plastuns announced the liquidation of the center.


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