Former NBU head Shevchenko accused NABU and SAP of being unable to prepare for the trial, media

The former head of NBU Kyrylo Shevchenko accused the two anti-corruption law enforcement agencies (NABU and SAP) of not giving him the opportunity to properly prepare for his defense in court. The pressure on Shevchenko was reported by one of the largest publications for financiers and bankers, Central Banking, writes “Telegraf”.

As the publication recalled, Shevchenko was declared “internationally wanted” in Ukraine for allegedly misappropriating funds from the state-owned Ukrgasbank even before heading the NBU. At the same time, the prosecutor informed Shevchenko’s lawyer about the trial and sent 5,000 pages of case materials late in the evening before the hearing.

“That time was not enough to prepare for the hearing which started at 8:30 in the morning. In addition, Shevchenko was not allowed to participate in the hearing regarding his election to remand. According to Shevchenko, the timely submission of defense documents is mandatory and failure to do so should invalidate the prosecutor’s request. But he said the court ignored his lawyer’s arguments in that regard and ruled in favor of the prosecutor. — writes Central Banking.

Now Kyrylo Shevchenko accuses NABU and SAP of “inventing yet another prominent headline”. The banker denies all the allegations. A few years ago, the same accusations were found to be unfounded.

Shevchenko resigned on October 4, citing health reasons. Sources close to the NBU confirmed to the publication that Shevchenko has health problems. When news of the investigation hit the media, Shevchenko said his health had deteriorated due to intense political pressure.

“Shevchenko became head of the central bank in July 2020 after Zelensky fired his predecessor, Yakov Smoliya. Smoliy and other senior central bank officials said they were targeted by political influencers unhappy with the NBU’s reform of Ukrainian banks. – writes the publication.

As previously reported, on October 6, the deputies of the Council officially dismissed the head of the National Bank, on the same day NABU announced that he appeared as a suspect in the case of embezzlement of hundreds of millions of hryvnias in Ukrgasbank. Andrii Pishniy, the former head of the Savings Bank, was appointed as the new head of the National Bank. Pishny himself called the main priority of the work of the NBU – the beginning of a new program of the IMF.

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