Evacuation of Kyiv due to power failure: DTEK said in what case it is possible

In Kyiv, where blackouts continued on November 6, a complete blackout cannot be ruled out in the event of another Russian shelling. Depending on the situation, it could take an hour or more to restore power, which could lead to freezing weather evacuations. It was reported CEO of DTEK Dmytro Sakharuk on the air of the telethon.

According to him, a blackout can only happen if the automation shuts down the system without warning.

“A blackout is when there is a critical overload and a critical mismatch between the demand for electricity and its supply, which is ensured by transferring it from production facilities to points of consumption”he explains.

In simple words, when such an overload occurs, it can be compared to the case in the apartment – “congestion turns off”.

“That is, automation activates and deactivates consumers, disconnects them from the network so as not to burn out”Saharuk notes.

He admits that there may be a power cut in Kyiv in the event of new shelling.

“Kyiv and the region – if there are new shellings, then such a shutdown of the automation is not excluded. This can happen, the system is specifically built for this and has built-in protection systems. The question is not whether the system will shut down or not, but how long it will take to turn the system back on after a power outage.”– pays attention to Saharuk.

He explains that if the automation works and there is a source of energy that will allow the revival of Kyiv, then it is a matter of an hour. But if there is no such source and it must be provided by restoring a substation or line, it is not an hour.

“Especially if the temperature outside the window will be minus.” That is, it is about heating. In this case, first of all, it is not possible to turn on the light due to the lack of a power source and it takes many hours, and it is cold outside, so in this case questions may arise about the evacuation of a certain part of the population.”Saharuk remarked.

As “FACTS” reported, earlier Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko did not rule out that the city could be left without water, electricity and communication as a result of the Russian attacks and stated that all reaction scenarios are being calculated.

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