Energy terror by the Russian Federation will not be able to stop the armed forces that are moving forward every day – Zelensky

Ukraine continues to liquidate the consequences of the terrorist attacks against our infrastructure, which were carried out the previous day, on October 22, both in the west and in the center, as well as in the south of Ukraine. As the President announced in his evening address Vladimir Zelensky, Volyn, Odessa, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Kirovohrad Oblast, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Rivne Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Zaporozhye Oblast and others are affected.

According to the head of state, it is now possible to restore the power supply in the part of the territory of our country where the electricity has been stopped, for which he thanks everyone who is involved in this work: energy workers, utility workers. services and local government, civil servants and businesses who also help.

“All together now we are showing that Ukrainian life cannot be broken. Even if the enemy can leave us temporarily without light, he will never be able to leave us without the desire to fix everything, fix everything and return it to normal. Zelensky said.

According to him, even partially in the darkness, life in our country, in our Ukraine, is still civilized, unlike the aggressor country.

Zalensky is convinced that neither this strike by the terrorists nor other such strikes by them can stop our defenders, who receive everything they need to protect the country and move forward every day.

Separately, the commander-in-chief noted the achievements of the Air Force, whose efforts shot down 20 Caliber and X-101 missiles, as well as more than 10 Iranian Shaheda missiles in the first half of the day on October 22.

“Today, once again, I want to thank our soldiers – the fighters and anti-aircraft fighters of the “West”, “South” and “Center” aviation commands, as well as the mobile fire groups of all the defense forces for the saved human lives. of our people and the preserved infrastructure of Ukraine. emphasized the president.

At the same time, he reminded that the main target of terrorists remains the facilities of the energy infrastructure, which is why the conscious consumption of electricity is very important.

“Each city and region of Ukraine depends on the stability of the energy industry of our entire country. Please limit the use of appliances that consume a lot of electricity. And especially in the hours of peak consumption in the morning and evening”– urged the president of Ukraine.

We will remind you that a day ago the Ukrenergo company urged Ukrainians to observe the basic rule of energy saving – one light bulb + 1 device, that is, no more than one light bulb and one electrical device can be turned on at the same time in a house or apartment.


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