Dudin, the former head of the SBU of the Kharkiv region, told the chief prosecutor exactly how his case was falsified in the SBU, — SMI

The former head of the SBU of the Kharkiv region, Roman Dudin, who is currently in pre-trial detention, appealed to the chief prosecutor Andriy Kostin, referring to the facts of violation of his rights and falsification of the case against him by SBI officials. Dudin posted a link to the handwritten letter on Facebook, Ukrainian News reports.

In it, Dudin describes in detail exactly how the SBR case was falsified, ignoring laws and facts.

When the head of the Kharkiv region was not at work and SBU officers arrived at the building of the regional state administration to protect the building from the enemy DRG, according to the SBI investigator, this was treason. When you are directly subordinate to the leadership of the SBU, and in wartime you are operationally subordinate to the command of the Eastern Military Service, and the investigator of the SBR believes that you should be subordinated only to the command of the defense of Kharkov, this is arbitrary abandonment of the unit. When the SBR investigator makes the above-mentioned conclusions, this is a crime, which is called bringing a knowingly innocent person to criminal responsibility.”Roman Dudin noted.

According to him, as a result of the investigation, the investigative group of the SBR committed actions that fall within the characteristics of the crimes provided for in: Art. 162, Art. 163. Art. 365, Art. 373, Art. 383, Art. 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which in turn led to the violation of Articles 371 and 372 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine by them and a group of prosecutors, the General Prosecutor’s Office.

In the letter, he also commented on the seemingly “arbitrary” abandonment of Kharkiv Oblast, recalling that he was ordered to go to the city of Kyiv to defend it.

All supervisors were aware of my assigned task. And the version of the DBR that I misled does not stand up to any criticism. Given the 21st century and the availability of mobile phones. I left for Kyiv on February 26 with a group of special forces. At the same time, “suspicion” includes accusations under Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which was partially destroyed by me during the last hearing in the Pechersk Court of the city of Kyiv. The judge refused to listen to me and decided to extend my detention by one month. I have to point out that it is Art. 111 is completely refuted by the testimony of the prosecution witnessesDudin notes.

Roman Dudin wants to be released from custody, noting that his detention is illegal, and the actions of prosecutors and SBR investigators have led to a violation of his rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The continuation of this crime will continue to discredit Ukraine’s law enforcement system and the prosecution service as a whole. But in time it will lead to criminal liability of all participants in this crime“, sums up R. Dudin, implying that in case of inaction, the chief prosecutor Kostin himself will be brought under criminal responsibility as an accomplice in the political persecution.

We remind you that on May 29, President Volodymyr Zelensky fired Dudin for negligent performance of official duties and promised him an investigation by law enforcement officers. Then the head of state said that Dudin “did not work for the defense of the city from the first days of the full-scale war, but thought only of himself.”

The State Bureau of Investigation assures that on February 24, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Dudin tried to interfere with the work of the regional leadership and, apparently, wanted to personally lead the defense. He is charged with treason and voluntary desertion.

Commenting on the reasons for the case against him, the former head of the SBU of the Kharkiv region himself stated the political nature of the persecution. According to him, Oleg Tatarov, deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, is helping to prosecute him at the behest of Vadim Slyusarev, a member of the Servant of the People party.

On November 4, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv extended by a month the preventive measure against Roman Dudin, who was previously arrested for 2 months without an alternative to bail.


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